Monday, January 9, 2012

Al-shabab accuses Djibouti troops of mosque attack

The Islamist Al-Shebab insurgents on Monday accused Djibouti troops in the country of shelling a large mosque in the lawless Somalia capital, Mogadishu, in which reportedly killed three people, including a Muslim cleric.

While speaking to the Media, Sheik Mohamed Abu Abdirahman, the representative of Banadir region for Al-shabab fighters denounced Djibouti forces in Somalia of bombing last nigh before on Al-hidaya mosque in Mogadishu’s Huriwa district, causing death and injury casualties on worshipers of Tabliq sect.

The representative of Banadir region for Al-shabab fighters sent a threat message to the Djiboutian people, saying if not Djibouti army in Somalia would not refrain from harming the civilians will meet a big blow bad consequence from the militants.

This threatening from Al-shabab fighters to Djiboutian government troops in Somalia comes amid last night before, a mosque in Somalia capital, Mogadishu hit by bombs, killing three people and wounding many more others, all Tabliq worshipers.

It is unclear so far who was behind the shelling of Al-hidaya mosque in Mogadishu.


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