Sunday, January 29, 2012

Somaliland opposition leader says gov't has no relations with international community

A prominent opposition party leader in the Somaliland government Faisal Ali Warabe who spoke to reporters said that Somaliland does not have good relations with the international community and the Somaliland government needed to adjust to the new Somalia.

Faisal Ali Warabe chairman of the Justice and Welfare Party of Somaliland (UCID) who spoke to reporters said that Somaliland government needed to adjust to the changing political outlook of Somalia. “We have to adjust to the changes in politics around us so Somaliland does not collapse politically,” said Mr. Warabe.

When asked about the international relations Somaliland has the opposition leader responded Somaliland has no real international relations with the international community.

Mr. Warabe spoke about the upcoming meeting in UK, where different autonomous regions in Somalia and the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia are invited to meet in London on the 23 of February. Mr. Warabe stated that if Somaliland attends the conference or not, is not important what is important that Somalia comes out of the meeting with a unified policy.

According to reports Somaliland has been courted by many UK officials to join the different states in Somalia that are attending the meeting in which issues such as security, political process, and international cooperation will be discussed.

Mr. Warabe who gave a 10 minute interview, spoke about the Puntland government, Somaliland’s neighbor to the east. Mr Warabe said, "Puntland is leading the Somali national politics. The TFG Prime Minister is from Puntland. Farole [Puntland President] is hosting a national conference in Garowe."

Somaliland’s policies in the contested areas of Sool, Sanag, and Ayn have caused much controversy lately, resulting in protests and battles that led to many deaths in the contested areas. Somaliland also had problems in the region of Awdal which was a region of Somaliland for many years, recently declared itself as a state of Somalia.

Awdal and the new Khatumo state leaders have both been invited to the conference in Britain; both states have not been recognized by Somaliland and deemed by Somaliland president Silanyo as anti-Somaliland factions.


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