Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somaliland: First female mayor set to quit office

 Khadra Haaji Geid 

The Mayor Gabiley town Ms. Khadra Haaji Geid faced a lot of opposition from the Gabiley’s local councilor’s members in the city of Gabiley who seem to succeed overrunning the mayor. Source close to mayor’s office have confirmed to Somalilandpress that the mayor is expected to quit the office in the next few days

Mayor Khadra Haaji has managed to complete several development projects in Gabiley district and the residents of the city have given her a positive rating. Many of her supports advised Ms. Khadra to remain in office but rather presented concerns related to her adversaries who strongly oppose being the city’s mayor and she further added that those are the constraints to spearhead district’s development projects and therefore prefers to leave office immediately.

On the other hand council members are speculating the reasons that the mayor is leaving office is because she has been offered a cabinet portfolio position from president Sillanyo’s led government and that is the accurate reason for her resignation . Reports say that Ms. Khadra will be in the list of new ministers that is set to be appointed once Somaliland president Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Siilaanyo reshuffles his cabinet.

Ms. Khadra Haji Geid was the first female council member and the country’s only female mayor and a pioneer in the political arena. Somaliland president praised Ms. Khadra Haaji for her achievements during the short period that she has been in the mayor office of Gabiley in his last address to the nation.

Khadra Haaji Geid joined the ruling Kulmiye party of incumbent president Ahmed Siilaanyo in 2002 during the local governmental elections. Ms. Khadra became the first female mayor in the country after corruption charges brought a no-confidence vote against her predecessor Mr. Aden Muhumed and the district committee chose Khadra Haji to replace him and being the only serving female mayor in the history of the nation after regaining its independence from Somalia in 1991.Her predecessor is accused of misappropriating more than 250 million Somaliland shillings in government funds in his time as mayor.

Somaliland’s women community is said to account for an estimated 40 to 50 percent of the country’s 3.5 million inhabitants.

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