Friday, April 13, 2012

Banadir governor: Some TFG officials are involved in Theater blast

The governor of Banadir administration for Somali government Mohamud Ahmed Nur ( Tarsan) disclosed on Thursday that some TFG officials are involved the deadly suicide bomb blast at the national theater in Mogadishu last week.

While chatting on the paltalk, a social networking with many Somali youths living outside the country, the governor cast suspicion related the attack on some officials in Somali government. He said: “there is a suspicion the TFG members could behind the attack.”

“People are asked how the female attacker who carried out the explosion has crossed from the security barrier of the national theater without checking or scanning by the guards. Who she is and where she was from? To answer These questions it should conduct a full investigation soon,, Said Tarsan.

Notably, the governor has not attended to event held the theater which was marking the first anniversary of Somali National Television. This created doubt.

The comments made by Mogadishu mayor followed after Al-shabab militants announced that the female bomber was allowed to enter the national theater and carry out the blast, according to Sheik Mohammed Abu Abdirahman, the representative of Banadir region for Al-shabab told a pro-militant local radio.

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